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29 Aug 2022

Why join a professional network when starting a business ?

How to create a professional network when starting a business ?
When you decide to start your own business, creating a professional network is an essential step. How to proceed? We give you our advice!

What are the advantages of a professional network?

There are many good reasons to build a professional network when starting a business.

First of all, it is an excellent way to make your business known. The fact of exchanging with other entrepreneurs, while being linked by the same network, is a very favorable context to find partners, customers, and sometimes even financial support!

In addition, creating a professional network is very conducive to sharing experiences. When he encounters difficulties, the entrepreneur is not isolated. He can discuss his situation with members of his network who may have already experienced his situation. Whether it is :

  • a workshop,
  • a conference,
  • or an afternoon of networking,

The manager benefits from a much more positive dynamic than if he or she remained on the sidelines !

How to create a professional network?

By creating a network, the entrepreneur maximizes his or her chances of benefiting from the effects of word-of-mouth, while also taking advantage of expert advice when needed. Nevertheless, some entrepreneurs do not know exactly how to build a professional network when they start their business, which makes them miss many opportunities!

Although the use of social networks plays an undeniable role in the creation of a professional network, their impact is less if compared to that of a direct contact. This is one of the reasons why coworking spaces are very popular among entrepreneurs. Indeed, these workspaces are the perfect place to exchange ideas and skills with other professionals! Accessible at very affordable rates, coworking spaces offer a work place dedicated to the company and its manager. They also allow him to organize events, during which he can improve his network.

The advantages of coworking to develop your professional network

Spaces designed for networking and collaboration

In fact, coworking is characterized by its great flexibility. A la carte for an hour, a day or a week, or with a monthly subscription without commitment, entrepreneurs and employees alike can access coworking spaces as they wish. And on site, everything is designed for their working comfort and to facilitate interactions:

  • lounge areas to relax and unwind,
  • central café to eat, share and exchange with other professionals,
  • collaborative spaces,
  • private bubbles
  • and meeting rooms to do business with other entrepreneurs. The spaces are multiple and meet all needs.

Excellent remedy against isolation, coworking spaces generally welcome professionals from all horizons and all sectors of activity. Entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote employees, start-ups, are looking to create a professional network and create synergies between businesses by combining their skills. All this in a more motivating, stimulating and productive context than ever! Very well equipped, coworking spaces provide all the furniture and equipment necessary to work in the best conditions. They also offer a quality internet connection.

Networking events and professional conferences

Coworking spaces are also very well known for promoting networking among their members. They regularly organize networking events to encourage members to meet and exchange ideas. They can also organize :

  • professional conferences on topics related to entrepreneurship,
  • creation,
  • business development,
  • marketing or HR for example.

Multiburo also offers its clients the opportunity to speak to other members of the coworking spaces in order to present their offer, their expertise, the products and/or the services they provide. The teams, on site every day, are attentive to the needs of each professional and know how to put the right people in touch with the entire network.

Many activities are also planned for the residents by our Happiness Officers: breakfasts, tastings, afterworks… Privileged moments for even more conviviality between coworkers.

Focus on Smile@Work Week Multiburo

And QWL obviously has its place at Multiburo. Every year since 2018, Multiburo has organized “Smile@Work Week” in September. A week dedicated to well-being at work to learn or continue to (tele)work happy! Workshops, conferences, activities and webinars are thus organized with the aim of explaining how to refocus and work happily every day. Managers, employees, freelancers, 100% in the office, in home office or in a mix of office and telework, everyone is concerned and can participate. A great opportunity to create a link with other professionals in the Coworking space.

Smile@Work Week 2022 will take place from September 19 to 23, 2022, and it is already possible to register by clicking here

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