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16 Jun 2020

Top 4 savings to be made thanks to the flexible office

Due to the potential drop in their turnover since the beginning of the lockdown, many managers of start-ups and SMEs are considering giving up their offices to rebalance their annual budget and offer more flexibility. While this option is less accessible for large companies, they are nevertheless sensitive to the implementation of a new work organization and are moving towards flexible workspaces to accommodate their teams on a full-time or mixed office/home office basis. Whatever your situation, you are given four reasons to be tempted by flexibility.

1/ Pay as you go: pay for what we consume, no more.

Ways of working are changing and nowadays, it is no longer necessary to come to the office every day to be productive and to demonstrate one’s involvement in one’s work.

Alternating between the office and teleworking seems to be a solution favored by many workers. However, the home office imposed during lockdown has not only had positive effects, and some voices are being raised to highlight the risk of isolation of employees and inequalities in terms of facilities and equipment.

Flexible workspaces offer an economical and optimal alternative to the home office, allowing employees to work in a professional, fully equipped and sanitary environment, close to home or on the move.

These workspaces suit to all needs: the company chooses the workspace (private office or coworking), the duration, the frequency of use (full-time, part-time) and the number of workstations desired. It is practical, accessible and without commitment, and employees use their office when they need it.

The company can thus meet the expectations of its employees by adopting a hybrid model without incurring a high investment.

> Savings on rents, surface area and number of workstations

2/ Smart Working: a more flexible work organization to advocate and engage

The current context has revealed new expectations of employees in terms of flexibility and a need to rethink the organization of work. And it is a fact that telework is at the center of all concerns when returning to work, particularly in view of the rules on distancing and the health measures imposed just about everywhere.

Several studies have shown that workers are looking for a balance between hours worked in the office and hours worked at home. We are entering a hybrid form of work organization, alternating time spent in the office and time spent working remotely.

Thus, offering more flexibility and the possibility to organize one’s working weeks freely will help to retain and engage employees by satisfying their new need for organizational freedom. They will thus be able to be more motivated and more productive.

> An HR gain in terms of employee loyalty and commitment.

3/ Business focus: relieve yourself of administrative management

In classic commercial real estate, space management can be a real ordeal! Among the expensive items, water, electricity, maintenance of the premises or even IT installations quickly raise the bill. Add to this the suppliers relationship as well as building management and technical maintenance, requests for intervention in the event of problems related to the building (water leakage, flooding, power failure…), insurance underwriting, management of structural costs…

Beyond the financial cost, this represents a significant investment in terms of time, resources and risk management.

Choosing to set up flexible workspaces relieves you of all these costs and risks because these expenses are covered by one and the same partner: the flexible workspace operator. Everything is included in your subscription and you don’t have to worry about a thing! You can concentrate on your core business and the development of your activity.

> Cost/risk savings on provider management.

4/ All in one: des services inclus ou à la carte, délivrés directement sur place

The office/home boundary is almost non-existent. The needs of employees have therefore changed, forcing companies to offer more and more services to save time and make their professional and personal lives easier.

From a personal point of view, this generally translates into wellness, gym or partnership subscriptions negotiated over catering or concierge services. It is therefore an additional cost for the company. Flexible workspaces offer these services directly to their customers and in addition regularly organize networking events, entertainment and conferences.

From a professional point of view, we will try to save time by concentrating on value-added tasks and business development. It is therefore costly for the company to directly manage or outsource mail management, hotlines, secretarial services or IT support. And it is also costly in terms of time!

By opting for a flexible workspace, in addition to the flexibility in time and space that you benefit from, you have access to a range of services provided directly by the operator without having to worry about managing multiple service providers. You have a single point of contact to support you, who delivers included or à la carte services directly to you.

> Services provided by a single point of contact, one less thing to worry about!

No commitment, less risk, less service and lower costs, flexible spaces offer you greater flexibility in the day-to-day management of your business. With this in mind, Multiburo offers designer, calm and bright spaces, designed for your working comfort in the heart of major cities, business districts and railway stations in France, Belgium and Switzerland. And the teams on site provide daily services to make companies’ working lives easier.

Find out more about Multiburo flexible workspaces!  

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