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03 Apr 2020

The survival kit for home office

For more than three weeks, people in France and Belgium have been working from home. If this new way of working doesn’t seem very efficient to you, don’t panic! Here’s the survival kit you need to work from home in peace.

télétravail kit survie

1. A great wake-up for an energetic day

It might seem anecdotic, but don’t underestimate it! Your alarm is your best ally when working from home, as it’s a way of keeping your usual rhythm going; so, get up at (roughly) the same time and set yourself some fixed working hours. And apart from the alarm, give yourself some daily routines, stretch yourself, drink plenty of water and do some physical exercise to wake yourself up; it will put you in good shape for the day ahead.

2. Your to-do list pinned on the wall

Once you’re up, think about planning your day. And if you keep a to-do list close at hand. you will never lose sight of it. Stay motivated during the day by crossing out items on the list as you complete them.

Come on, you’re nearly there!

3. An office that inspires you

When you are working from home, you should at least make sure it’s in a space that you like! Set up your work area in a nice spot (with natural light), add some lamps, and sprinkle a few decorative items around (like plants or photos of loved ones). Make it both functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Our tip: the further away your fridge or game console, the better! Think about posting a photo of the result on our Facebook page — #athomechallenge

4. Apps for keeping in touch

To be sure of not missing out on your colleagues’ jokes, download an app for keeping in touch, such as FaceTime, Skype, Houseparty, etc. … There is plenty of choice when it comes to videoconferencing and staying in contact with colleagues. You can also use these apps in the evening for calling your family and friends.

5. Collaborative tools (but not the boring ones)

The advantage of working from home is that there’s no danger of you being disturbed when you’re in the middle of doing something. But the downside is that you can very easily feel alone and disoriented. Fortunately, with tools like Trello, Monday and Slack, you can get things organised with your colleagues. Effective for project management and internal communications, they are a good way of staying in the loop and not being left out.

6. A coffeemaker, your lively friend

It’s important to take breaks. Loading up the coffeemaker is a way of disconnecting from everything else for a few minutes. It’s ideal for taking a step back and, in particular, for coming up with ideas.

Of course, if you’re not a coffee fan, you could make yourself a cup of tea or hot chocolate… the important thing is to take a break!

7. Wear the right clothes, for getting things done

Whether it’s for a meeting or just for yourself, wear the right clothes and be fully prepared. It’s a small detail, but it could make a difference to the way you feel and the positive energy you demonstrate to your colleagues. And you can still wear your pyjama bottoms, if no-one will see it during a videoconference!

8. Find ways to keep up with the news

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to subscribe to newsletters, look at your Twitter feed, create some Google Alerts and set up a Feedly account to keep up with the news in your industry. That way, you are certain to be up to date when you talk to colleagues and clients.

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