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13 Aug 2020

The benefits of a private office at a time of social distancing

SMART WORKING: Flexible and safe workspaces! Today, Sun Lim – Head of Private Office Solutions explains his point of view on these private workspaces which are always coveted.

In the current context, is the private office still in demand?

Confinement has significantly changed mentalities, with the forced introduction of teleworking. However, it has not become the new norm.

Private office solutions still have a bright future ahead of them. With the health crisis, we are witnessing an even greater need for private offices. On the one hand to respect the rules of social distancing, but above all to adapt to new forms of work organisation which will be more focused on the activity and not on the individual.

What’s your vision of tomorrow’s office?

The office of tomorrow has already been shaping up over the past few years as relationships at work change. The traditional office is tending to disappear in favour of an apartment office. This to promote the well-being of employees by promising them a comfortable environment, familiar to their apartment and more focused on the concept of a living space.

We are now approaching a layout of spaces that adapts to daily activities. Employees can indeed continue to work in a different environment while remaining in the same workspace.

Indeed, activities vary throughout the day, so why shouldn’t workspaces also adapt?

How can Multiburo support this change?

Conscious of the changes in relationships at work, we have designed new private office solutions. These are no longer centered on the individual (1 employee = 1 fixed workstation every day of the week) but rather on a more intimate office concept. The office is now seen as a place where teams can meet to exchange ideas and share information .

« Transit Office » perfectly meets the needs of workers who wish to meet 2 days a week to work together.

« 4 Days Pass » offers flexibility for nomadic people who are looking for a punctual workspace in one of our 26 Multiburo.

« Short-Term Contract », a solution with no obligation and no notice for a pre-defined period of time, operational within 24 hours.

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