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25 Jul 2022

100% full remote working for companies

More and more companies are considering a 100% telework organization. For employees, this is a major step forward, as they can now claim much more freedom on a daily basis.

The full remote for a more flexible work

The notion of full remote has appeared in France with the covid pandemic, which forced most companies to temporarily switch to 100% remotly. In the context of a never-ending health crisis, this way of working has progressively become permanent. Many employees are now working remotely. As a result, they rarely (if ever) go to their company’s premises. They can work from wherever they want, as long as they have a good internet connection!

Thanks to full remote working, they have more freedom in managing their time and their place of work. If some employees choose to work directly from their home, others prefer to work outside their home, for example in coworking spaces.

Which companies are practicing 100% telecommuting?

Containment has helped accelerate the emergence of this new way of working. It was slowly beginning to be exported from the United States.

Although a number of employers have now integrated telework into their operations, full remote working is not yet widespread and is gradually becoming more democratic. It interests in particular certain large companies, eager to modernize and to improve the well-being of their employees. Moreover, the new professional communication tools (Zoom, Slack…) make the geographical distance disappear. This avoid the companies to be confronted with the lack of space for their meetings!

Some examples of compagnies who worked remotly

Among the companies that have opted for 100% full remote, we find Fizzer. Specialized in the creation of postcards and personalized invitations, this company is one of the pioneers of full remote in France. Indeed, it has been operating exclusively in remotly for more than six years. Its founders quickly realized that it was the best way to expand their recruitment potential. Only the Fizzer printing center has been kept, while its team comes from all over the world! Twice a year, the company organizes a seminar in Cabourg, in order to maintain a link between its employees.

Another example of a company operating in full remote mode is Whodunit. It is a company who specializes in web creation and maintenance of Internet sites. Unlike Fizzer, this company, which works mainly with WordPress, has not always practiced full remote. It only adopted it during 2017. They decided to jump the gun due to the fact that WordPress runs exclusively on OpenSource. Thanks to this smart choice, Whodunit was able to save a lot of money, which allowed them to increase their salaries!

Which jobs can be done in full remote?

Most digital jobs are perfectly compatible with 100% telecommuting.

The profession of web developer, for example, can easily be done remotely. A freelance developer can code from his home or a coworking space. And an employee developer can very well negotiate a few days of weekly telecommuting, or even a full remote!

On a different note, the community manager’s role is to represent his company on the networks, in order to increase its online community. This exciting task can be done remotely when the community manager has the right software.

How to preserve the company’s cohesion despite the full remote ?

For the employee, working remotely is an excellent way to improve productivity and well-being. However, it is essential that he/she does not break any social link with his/her company. The only “trap” of 100% full remote is isolation. All exchanges are done by e-mail or by phone, and very quickly, human contact can be missing! Moreover, it is not always possible for the employee to work quietly from home :

  • too noisy environment,
  • no dedicated space for work,
  • bad internet connection…

To feel really involved in their company, and to distinguish the private space from the professional one, full remote workers are very numerous to plebiscite coworking spaces. For them, this type of place is the ideal alternative. They can go there occasionally, and it allows them to keep a link with their company!

Multiburo’s solutions

To support these new ways of working, Multiburo, an expert in flexible real estate for 35 years, provides companies with coworking spaces, private offices and meeting rooms. They are fully equipped and flexible so that employees can work where and when they want !

  • The brand new offer Connect’Team is ideal for teams working in full remote. It is also ideal for people who are looking to bring their employees together a few days a week or a month. A coworking space is made available to the company when it wishes, while being the object of a tailor made solution !
  • The Base Camp offer is ideal for companies that want to have a business address, an office, and the weekly availability of a meeting room. The teleworkers thus keep their total freedom of organization. And they can have access to premises as soon as they need them!
  • And the Transit Office offer meets the needs of companies that wish to combine office and home office. They have a dedicated office space for their employees 2 or 3 days a week to allow them to work in a professional and comfortable environment. The rest of the time, they are in home office.

Do you practice full remote? Or do you alternate between office and telework?

Try out Multiburo’s flexible formulas! It’s simple, flexible and without commitment.

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