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02 Nov 2021

PQE Group, when flexibility becomes a way to expand abroad

In April 2021, the international group PQE, which specialises in consulting and support for engineering projects in the pharmaceutical sector, will inaugurate its French subsidiary. To support this development and anticipate the future growth of its activity in France, the group chose to set up in the Multiburo premises located a stone’s throw from Lyon Part-Dieu station. A few months later, David Gueguen, Recruitment and Employer Branding Advisor, looks back on this natural choice for his company and the many benefits it has already brought to his teams. Interview.

Can you introduce your company?

PQE Group was founded in 1999 in Milan. We are a company specialised in consulting and project management in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector. Through our services, we help our clients to address specific issues throughout the life cycle of their product.

Today, our group is present in 26 countries around the world and has 1,000 employees. Located in a buoyant market, our company is growing rapidly. Our development plan is to double or triple our current workforce by the end of 2023. In France, where we opened a subsidiary in April 2021, we plan to grow from 15 employees today to 100 by the end of 2022.

Why did you choose to set up in the Multiburo workspaces in Lyon?

When we decided to set up a subsidiary in France, we studied all the real estate possibilities available on the market. Given the gradual growth of our business and our workforce, the choice of a flexible location proved to be the ideal solution for establishing the foundations of our presence in the country.

We chose to set up in Lyon, in the heart of a strategic area for our sector, on a very accessible site, a stone’s throw from the railway station. This is an essential element for our teams, who are spread throughout the country and travel a lot.

We chose Multiburo for its expertise, the immediate understanding with our contacts who were able to understand our needs and offer us a very complete package adapted to our constantly changing project. For a company such as ours, which is growing rapidly, the possibility of making the chosen spaces and services evolve just as quickly is essential.

How is work organised in your French subsidiary today? What role do you play in teleworking and how do you use your offices?

In our consultancy business, we have been integrating the notion of mobility and flexibility for many years, as a large proportion of our employees work on site at the client’s premises. But the health crisis has reinforced the idea that today, even for administrative functions (HR, marketing, management, etc.), teleworking is essential. It proved that permanent functions could also work remotely and still be efficient. Within our group, 90% of our teams are now teleworking.

In Lyon, we have a private space corresponding to six workstations, but we can also use coworking or meeting rooms. For us, the office is essentially a meeting point, a space for getting together. It must therefore be easily accessible and adaptable, depending on our changing needs. It is also a space used to welcome and train new employees in our company.

Are flexible workspaces a solution that you are considering for the long term?

Absolutely. The growth of teleworking, the need to spread our forces in each region, to be able to find each other easily and the possibility of simply evolving the services as our company grows, really fits in with our company’s development plan and our objectives. The existence of a network of Multiburo spaces in France, Switzerland and Belgium also opens many possibilities for the future. In a few weeks’ time, we will be moving into new Multiburo workspaces in Paris.

Do you have a project? Do you want to expand in France, Belgium, or Switzerland? The Multiburo experts are at your disposal to help you with your flexible real estate.

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