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19 Sep 2022

Happiness at work, do we talk about it?

Are you generally happy at work? Have you ever asked yourself this question?
We have been talking more and more about happiness at work for years. A notion that may seem abstract, in which many things can be integrated, but which can be very beneficial for companies, and especially for their employees.

But what is really behind happiness at work?
Can we really be “happy” at work?

The well-being of employees has nowadays an essential place in the strategy of companies. They are more and more concerned about the experience of their employees, their health, their environment and their working conditions. Why do they do this? To retain talent, meet new standards and expectations, and keep the business running smoothly.

Companies have everything to gain by focusing on the employee experience and quality of life. So how do you do it? Where to start? Through our infographic, we give you some ideas on how to make employees, managers and executives (tele)work happier.

As you will have understood, to attract and retain talent, it is necessary and important to federate, motivate and involve employees, give them more flexibility in their working hours, integrate new working methods and offer them a stimulating and inspiring work environment.

And you, what have you set up to make your teams feel fulfilled at work?
Share your tips in the comments!

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