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21 Oct 2021

Freedom of mobility : Multiburo adapts to the return to work

The constraints of travel and forced distancing seem to be behind us at last: the French vaccination effort is blowing a wind of newfound freedom over the start of the 2021 school year. The time has come for a return to work, and for a permanent return to the office. Stéphanie Auxenfans, Managing Director of Multiburo, shares her vision of the takeover on a booming market.

The office is still an essential place for exchanges and meetings! The recent survey* conducted by Multiburo clearly confirms this: 69% of those questioned believe that the office maintains social links, 53% that it encourages a real break between personal and professional life. Finally, 36% believe that it offers a more conducive environment for concentration.

Stéphanie Auxenfans, Managing Director of Multiburo

This is not a new observation. What is new, however, is the plebiscite for a new organisation of work, hybrid and “outside the walls”: in concrete terms, it shows a deep desire for freedom. More than 87% of those surveyed want to adopt a flexible rhythm, mixing face-to-face and remote work. Their ideal mix? Two days of teleworking for three days in the office. This is a way of reducing the time lost in public transport (77%), working more freely (56%) and gaining more autonomy in their assignments (34%). For managers too, this flexibility is an opportunity to develop premises that are less frequented than in the past, to optimise space or to reduce rents.

A compelling need for mobility

The last few weeks have also seen a return to travelling to the four corners of France for an interview, a negotiation, a meeting, etc. Nearly two out of three respondents expressed their intention to resume business travel, either to the same extent as before the crisis or to a more rationalised extent. A statistic that testifies to a compelling need for mobility.

Travel is therefore synonymous with workspace. Here again, our survey is enlightening: for nearly seven out of ten respondents, coworking spaces are an ideal place to work while travelling, more so than a hotel or a café. Railway stations are also favoured by 32% of respondents for the convenience of being able to work in peace and quiet before catching a train.

For a few hours or several weeks, between two trains or in project mode, employees need access to defined places to work in peace and quiet, in optimal conditions of comfort, without ever compromising efficiency.

The evolution of the Multiburo network

To fully meet these expectations, our group is multiplying its initiatives and modernising its network. In 2020, two new sites opened in Brussels, Avenue Louise, and in Marcq-en-Barœul, near Lille. After a difficult start due to the health crisis, these locations are now meeting strong demand. We now have 25 coworking locations in France, Switzerland, and Belgium. At the same time, in Marseille and Opéra (Paris 9), our clients have discovered completely renovated, more modern and flexible spaces.

Another new feature this year is an innovation called “Base Camp”. How does it work? Since part of the time the teams telework, Multiburo proposes to have a fixed office as a permanent base, with an optimised number of workstations, so that employees can come when they need to, and one day a week, a domiciliation so that the company can take advantage of a beautiful address, and a large meeting room, reserved one day a week, so that the whole team can meet and exchange or just work together in private coworking.

These solutions are added to an already rich range of locations. Our workspaces in three Parisian train stations or just a stone’s throw from those in Lille, Lyon, Nantes, or Antwerp in Belgium, offer an advantage to business travellers: hyper-accessibility. Not forgetting private offices in all possible formats (open space, open plan, individual office, etc.), coworking in our Spots, which all have private bubbles for calls or meetings with several people, meeting rooms and, finally, domiciliation with numerous services.

One priority : consultancy

After 18 months of working remotely, flexible real estate has many advantages for decision makers. First of all, it allows company managers to focus on the development of their business, since our teams take care of the day-to-day management of coworking spaces. It is on our shoulders that the issues of comfort and quality of professional life rest. Moreover, in this period of great change, questions remain. How can we re-mobilise teams around a common project and maintain the corporate culture? Here again, our priority is to advise managers. We are the guarantors of a convivial atmosphere by creating links and bringing people together to work in the same premises. One thing is certain: more than ever, Multiburo’s network of addresses and ‘à la carte’ offers correspond perfectly to the times. And it makes the takeover more fluid and easier.

Stéphanie Auxenfans, Managing Director of Multiburo

* Web survey conducted between 21/06/21 and 31/07/21 among 470 employees and company managers.  Read the survey results here.

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