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27 Apr 2020

Flexible workspaces: are they tomorrow’s solution?

The current situation is both exceptional and complex, and highlights the need for companies to be flexible in a society that is undergoing a profound transformation. The world of work is changing, and the divisions between office, home and transport are fading away. Everyone is hoping to have more freedom, so that daily life can be organised more efficiently. The period we are going through, which has forced many companies to introduce remote working across the board, is seen as accelerating this change. Adaptable and quick to respond, Multiburo provides personalised services to supports its customers and to help them plan their return to normal business activity.

espace de travail flexible multiburo
Stéphanie Auxenfans, Multiburo
Stéphanie Auxenfans, Managing Director, Multiburo

Companies are well aware of the limits of the average corporate building – and the long-term commitments that are becoming less and less compatible with the way people work. Today, people want to work where and when they want, and sometimes how they want. Technology and connectivity play a key role in meeting those aspirations.

As a company that provides flexible workspaces, we offer a response to the double challenges of adaptability and mobility. While activity in our offices is currently reduced as a result of the many people who are either working from a home office or who have been furloughed, our Multiburo workspaces are accessible securely thanks to a badge supplied to all our customers. People who are unable to work from home find our workspaces to be very practical and comfortable, along with being carefully maintained.

A constant focus on the customer, and personalised support

Given the exceptional situation we face today, we want to help our customers to feel relaxed. That’s why we have developed an online solution that provides a daily telephone service in-situ and remotely, along with the personalised management of our customers’ calls, so that they can focus on the continuity of their work. This solution is provided right from the start, as every new Multiburo workspace is created. Our teams also provide a weekly presence at all our locations to ensure that the mail management is being dealt with. Meanwhile, our Area Managers can be contacted every day during office hours — to answer customers’ questions and to plan, with them, the right solution for restarting their activity.

We also maintain regular contact with customers to reassure and inform them, in a proactive way, about the resources available to support them at this special time.

Keeping in touch is part of our company culture, which focuses on the attention we pay to our customers and the personalised relationship we create with every one of them. The unprecedented situation we all face today makes those discussions and that ability to share ever more important. As never before, we believe that we and our customers form a genuine community.

This is the strength of our business – to create spaces where relationships can be established and maintained, whatever the difficulties.

The freedom to work where you want, when you want, and you want

Today’s global crisis has led to considerable thought about the changes in the way we work, and also the places where we work, with the rise of the flex office, home office, coworking, coliving, corpoworking, incubators and tailored collaborative workspaces. But, from a distance, how do you ensure the right level of productivity, how can you manage people effectively, and how do you provide motivation?

Flexible workspaces and coworking, in particular, have grown rapidly in recent years in response to these new needs. Companies realise that employees don’t need to be in the office every day to work efficiently. While experienced coworkers have known this for a long time, people who are new to working remotely can now see it for themselves. For many, this is an unprecedented experience. The home office, tailored collaborative workspaces and flexible offices are all possibilities that will now be looked at in a new light.

Based on that experience, companies are bound to look at the benefits of having a more flexible organisation, mixing work in the office with remote working.  The minimum commitments required for Multiburo workspaces (one month for coworking, three months for a private office) are aligned with this growing need for flexibility.

Flexibility and efficiency, the keys to supporting our customers in their working lives

We are already offering this level of adaptability to mobile workers, who don’t need to be in the same office every day to do their jobs. Drawing on our experience, we can find the right solution for every type of company, from the start-up to the major group. Our adaptability is particularly relevant during this exceptional period, and will be even more so afterwards.

Our teams do everything to meet the needs of working people: arranging the workspace on demand, on a 24/7 basis; organising private offices that meet the customer’s security requirements; providing personalised services (assistance, secretarial services, personalised call management, virtual office, etc.). Everything is designed to allow our customers to concentrate on restarting their business activity, without having to worry about everyday organisational and office space problems. In other words, it’s about freeing them from tasks that are not their core business.

Our customised approach is to offer you the time and space you need, when you want it. The benefits of this approach have been particularly highlighted in the current period of constraint – one that offers everyone the opportunity to reinvent themselves. Such freedom will be precious when activity restarts.

The world of work is changing, as are the human and economic challenges faced by companies today. Given the need for flexibility, mobility and a range of services, flexible workspaces will be key tools for restarting economic activity in every industry, and key drivers for simplifying the way that companies operate.

Stéphanie Auxenfans, Managing Director, Multiburo

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