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30 Jun 2020

When flexibility and security come with business recovery!

Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Multiburo Area Managers, responsible for the 26 spaces in France, Belgium and Switzerland, have been providing continuous service to their customers. Their mission: to ensure the well-being and safety of customers and visitors by implementing the distancing and hygiene measures imposed by the government. Present on a daily basis in their Multiburo spaces, they listen to customers, support and provide them flexible services adapted to their constantly evolving needs. Today, three Area Managers share their vision on post-confinement recovery.

Increasingly flexible offices to respond to companies’ need for flexibility and freedom

Once out of confinement, companies are faced with new economic challenges. And employees’ workspaces are not necessarily the first to come to mind. However, the search for savings, security and the fact that they no longer need an office every day is pushing companies to review their work organisation. Flexible workspaces are therefore a 100% secure savings opportunity compared to a traditional lease.

Pierre-Alain Touchard, Area Manager of Multiburo Aix-en-Provence and Marseille Prado, explains how Multiburo responds to this need for flexibility and freedom:

« As Multiburo manager for the southern region, my role is above all to ensure that the workspaces we offer to companies function properly and are dynamic. Our office clientele, whether in Aix or Marseille, is mainly made up of digital players, recruitment agencies, project teams seconded from head offices, often in engineering, and business creators. However, the magic of our business is still to discover and support all core activities! We also offer coworking spaces, which respond to nomadic needs, or allow you to alternate between the home office and a work environment that encourages the creation of a professional network. By the hour, week or month, our subscriptions offer you total flexibility in your work.

When exiting lockdown, we have launched new offers: the “Smart Working” formulas. Ultra-flexible solutions to meet new work organization challenges: more flexibility, no more need for an office every day, office/home office mix… Workspaces are used more intelligently according to needs. Even in private offices!

These offers were designed thanks to the many exchanges with our residents that we accompanied during the confinement.

We had to be ready for the recovery! These offers have already attracted structures faced with the need to reduce budgets. And also people undergoing professional reconversion, allowing them to receive clients in an ideal working environment, and at a lower cost. »

Hospitality Management at the service of companies to focus on business recovery

The health crisis has paralysed economic activity around the world. Now is the time for recovery and for this, companies need time to prepare for the recovery of their activity. At Multiburo, we are convinced of the need to make our clients’ working lives easier. And we do so by providing tailor-made services to allow them to focus on their business. And in terms of Hospitality Management, the Multiburo Belgium area is a champion in every category!

Laure De Beule, Area Manager of Multiburo Brussels Avenue Louise, shares with us the challenges of lockdown regarding customer relations and continuity of services:

« At Multiburo, customer care and quality of service are part of our DNA. We are first and foremost a company at the service of our clients (mail management, call management, concierge services, secretarial and support services…) whether they are office, coworking or virtual office users.

As Area Manager of Multiburo Brussels Avenue Louise, the period of confinement was very special. Indeed we had to manage a move to brand new premises while ensuring continuity of services. We started work on the site in January 2020. Fortunately, we were able to complete it during the containment with the necessary accreditations. We could thus welcome our customers in complete transparency in the new space. Since May 4th 2020, (end of containment in Belgium), Multiburo is located on Avenue Louise 143.

As soon as the site was opened, we took several measures to respect safety distances, provide information through signage and take drastic hygiene measures. We informed customers and visitors about the daily disinfection of contact points and the wearing of masks by our teams.

In the heart of a business district where major brands and companies are located, this address is easy to reach by car and public transport, which makes it easy for companies to meet each other. Many companies call on our services for business address or head office domiciliation.

In total, there are three Multiburo addresses in Brussels. One in the European Quarter, another in the Sablon district and the third Avenue Louise. »

Enhanced mobility and safety in train stations: the offer of professional services is tending towards a return to normality

Stations and rail traffic were heavily impacted. In France, the SNCF had to take exceptional measures to ensure minimum service. While traffic is now tending to return to normal for leisure travel, business travel is still shy. However, in stations, everything is being done to ensure passenger safety and to offer a normal service.

Isabelle Durandière, Area Manager of Multiburo Paris Gare Montparnasse, details the measures put in place to welcome customers in the flexible workspaces in train stations:

« As a partner of the SNCF and a public establishment (ERP), our workspace at the heart of Gare Montparnasse already meets many specific safety standards. Particularly to optimise the reception of people with reduced mobility. Since the deconfinement, we have implemented the health safety measures present in all Multiburo spaces (wearing of the highly recommended mask, hydroalcoholic gel, daily disinfection of workspaces, signage, etc.).

Attendance from the regions is gradually returning. We welcome workers from Bordeaux, Nantes, Rennes and Tours. Some are only present for an hour between two train. Others, who are used to the premises, book the meeting spaces for one or two days a week. This is a pied-à-terre for them. They thus save precious time in their day. We are at their entire disposal to meet their last-minute needs during the day. Our team, on a human scale, is ready to welcome them is committed to the professionalism of its service. »

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