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25 Jun 2020

Face-to-face meetings: the challenges of returning to the office

Now that the economy is recovering, we all need to reconnect with our colleagues, customers, partners and service providers. This is essential to bring back meaning to one’ s work. Videoconferencing was very practical during lockdown, but it will never replace the efficiency of face-to-face meetings. And the good news is that from now on, we can meet in complete safety in secure, refurbished spaces. Ideal for a progressive return on site!

With the lockdown, companies were forced to organize meetings remotely (videoconferencing). What are the impacts for Multiburo regarding face-to-face meetings?

B.R.: Indeed, during this period of isolation, companies have used videoconferencing for their meetings and training. However, high quality videoconferencing requires a certain amount of logistics and sophisticated equipment to ensure its smooth operation. These meeting tools already existed before lockdown and were used by companies that operate in a network with remote teams. These will continue to use them.

However, for a meeting or a training course, exchanging and creating bonds remain essential, both for team cohesion and the transmission of company values. No digital tool can replace the quality of face-to-face meetings. Of course, we have had many postponements of reservations from our customers with the confinement. But today, we are optimistic: booking requests are coming back! And and we feel the real need to meet on small and medium meeting formats, which is our core business !

What measures have been implemented and what solutions does Multiburo propose for the recovery?

B.R.: We are ready and all our meeting spaces are open! Today, our main mission is to be able to welcome our users for their meetings or training sessions while ensuring the highest level of safety in terms of cleaning and disinfection, distancing and respect for barrier gestures. We have taken the necessary precautions early and our customers can meet serenely in our meeting rooms and common areas.

To implement these measures, we have followed the recommendations issued by health authorities by applying distance measures in all our meeting rooms. For example, one out of every two seats in our meeting rooms has been condemned with a distance of 1 meter. Our teams are also equipped with masks, hydroalcoholic gel is available in the reception areas as well as in the meeting rooms. We have set up a reception protocol through a prevention guide for our teams but also for our customers. This guide details , for example, our measures in terms of daily cleaning of equipment, felt-tip pens, tables or chairs.

How do you see the future in meeting & events?

We have a bit more visibility every day, which is encouraging! As I previously mentioned, our core business is small and medium-sized meeting rooms. We don’t do events. Our hyper-accessible spaces for 4 to 20 people are once again in demand. Companies need to continue the dialogue with their employees. Therefore, we have had to adapt to the situation in order to respond to our clients’ projects and reassure them about the welcome measures for them and for their trainees/participants. The short-term formats and reduced travel time are the most popular.

Do you need to organize a business meeting? To arrange interviews? To facilitate a coaching session or team meeting?

Gather safely in the 150 Multiburo meeting spaces in France, Belgium and Switzerland!

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