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14 Dec 2021

Everything you need to know to transition to flexible office!

Accelerated by the crisis, the revolution in work organisation is more than ever underway. And for employees and corporate real estate departments alike, the “post-crisis” world of work is already a reality! The quest for flexibility is becoming central, against the backdrop of an essential question: what role should the office play in the life and performance of the company? To help you find your way through the multitude of existing solutions, Multiburo has published “The ultimate guide to going flexible”!

Why a practical guide to transition to the flexible office ?                                                                   

For over 35 years, Multiburo has been accompanying the evolution of work organisations. Each year, we welcome nearly 6,500 companies to our workspaces. They are in the heart of major cities in France, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Drawing on this experience, we have created this guide with a simple objective. To bring together in a single document the essential information you need to know to make the transition to flexible working with confidence. Because while everyone thinks about it, the change to a more flexible work organization can be dizzying and raises many questions.

Are you considering a flexible property solution but don’t know where to start? This guide is here to help you think through your options and take action. It will give you all the keys you need to make an informed choice and join the work revolution!

So, whatever your situation and the profile of your company, from the start-up to the large company, you will discover the interest of flexible workspaces. You will also have some essential advice for a successful transition.

>> Discover the Guide

In concrete terms, what are we talking about?

Simple, clears and concise, it is above all a practical guide for all those who have questions about :

  • coworking,
  • flexible office real estate,
  • non-binding solutions,
  • temporary offices, etc.

What exactly is a ‘flex office’? What is the difference between “Flex office” and “flexible workspaces”? How to work in the hybrid office ? Here you will find answers to questions that you may not dare to ask and essential insights to better understand and navigate the world of hybrid working.

But what are the advantages of flexible workspaces?

To go further and help you plan ahead, we offer you a summary of the main advantages of the flexible office. Flexibility in time and space, savings, service approach, increased mobility and employee commitment.

And to answer the question “Is flexible office for me?”, it also brings together several concrete examples according to your company’s profile. So that everyone can, depending on their situation, visualise the uses they can make of flexible working. And to make it even more concrete, you will also find testimonials from some of our users!

Expert advice for a successful transition to flexible office

Our Multiburo experts have put together in one place all their advice on :

  • how to prepare, secure and make a success of your transition,
  • the right questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge
  • and how to define your property needs as precisely as possible.

With this practical guide, Multiburo is at your side to ensure the success of your project, from the idea to the concrete outcome, and even afterwards!

>> Download the Guide

Whatever your needs, our Multiburo experts are at your disposal to study your project and offer you a 100% customised solution. We will accompany you from configuration to customisation and associated services for a gradual transition to flexible.

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