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11 Jan 2022

Domicile your business in a coworking space, what benefits?

Every business, from its inception, must have an official legal address for its head office. When time comes to establish a domicile address, the manager has several options for where to do this: his company’s premises, his personal residence or a third-party domicile address. Offering this latter solution, a number of flexible workspace specialists, like Multiburo, offer access to great addresses, and also make it possible to benefit from many other advantages. Hers’s how.

The first step to be completed in the creation of a company, domiciliation, has an administrative, legal and legal function. This will be the legal address required by the various organizations and agencies to which the company or the entrepreneur is linked, and to which the various official business documents must be sent: quotes, invoices, purchase orders, etc. It must by law be registered in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS). The address appears on the Kbis extract, which is a type of French ID card for Companies. The nationality of the company, related government agencies (tax office, social funds, etc.) and the competent courts in the event of litigation also depend on it.

Furthermore, beyond these dimensions, the address conveys a strong message in terms of image. When it comes to domiciling their company, there are mainly two options available to managers who do not have dedicated business premises.

The first: to choose their personal place of residence. This is possible under certain conditions, whether or not one owns or rents, but limited to five years.  This solution has the inevitable consequence of reducing the space between private and professional life.

The second: favor a strategic and / or prestigious address by opting for a business domiciliation and consolidate its position over the long term.

The 4 decisive benefits of domiciling

1) Project your image

Among the various advantages offered by domiciliation in a flexible workspace is access – at low cost – to a quality address. This is the result of a strategic choice and it will play an essential role in the image conveyed by the company to its customers, prospects and partners. For example, setting up in the heart of a large city, in a business district or in the immediate vicinity of a train station is undoubtedly a guarantee of practicality and accessibility.

2) Domicile your business and benefit from virtual office services on a daily basis

Choosing a flexible workspace also allows you to benefit from à la carte services. The entrepreneur opts for a prestigious, recognized address, and also has a virtual office service. Concretely, it will benefit on a daily basis from mail processing (forwarding or scanning letters, handling registered letters, etc.), but also personalized call management.

Depending on the structure’s needs, a whole range of services is also available à la carte: multilingual phone receptionist, accounting, financial or legal expertise and even help in setting up and managing a business.

3) Have professional spaces to conduct work and meetings in a quiet environment

In addition to the domiciliation, making the choice of a coworking space offers the possibility – invaluable – to access a whole range of professional spaces (private offices, coworking, meeting rooms) that provide a comfortable environment in which to organize business meetings or work collaboratively. In subscription or à la carte, the use of offices becomes an additional advantage of choosing domiciliation.

4) Don’t waste time to domicile your business

Another notable interest of using domiciliation services, especially in shared workspaces, is the speed and simplicity of implementation.

Less than 24 hours are sufficient between your decision to take up residence and the effective start date. As a result, the entire service tends towards one objective: to maintain professionals in the best conditions to fully concentrate on the development of their activity.

3 key stages to domicile your business

1) When setting up a business

The most common case is to register your business when the entity is created. The relatively low financial cost of domiciliation, the limited duration of the commitment as well as the ability to opt for spaces and services on demand perfectly address the needs at this stage, which may yet hold uncertainties.

2) When developing regionality or nationally

Domiciliation within a flexible workspace is also a relevant solution at other times, such as when opening a sales office in a new region. This “branching” of the structure will facilitate commercial procedures, as well as its relations with the administrations and institutions concerned. Centralization and proximity will thus be ensured.  

3) In case of setting up in a new country

Last possibility: opt for the domiciliation of the company when setting up a branch in a new country. Here again, expanding on unfamiliar territory requires a gradual approach. Obtaining an administrative, legal and fiscal address quickly and easily is a major factor in the decision-making process regarding new business development. Domiciliation therefore appears as a first step in securing an expansion strategy, towards France in particular. 

Do you want to benefit from a domiciliation address or simply want to know more? 
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