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29 May 2020

Coworking with social distancing: the flexible alternative to teleworking and office work

The lockdown period has changed mentalities, and this is only the beginning. Teleworking, whether at home (home office) or simply remotely, outside the traditional office and close to home (third places), will become widespread.

Coworking social distancing

Work habits will also evolve towards more flexibility and less “time pressure”. It is likely to become easier to reconcile professional and personal life and to organize one’s work time. And this is where coworking spaces have a new role to play!

At Multiburo, our coworking spaces have been refurbished to welcome you in complete safety and in the best conditions. Social distancing, signage, barrier gestures, rearrangement and spacing of workstations are the new rules.

Laura Mauri, coworking expert at Multiburo gives us all the secrets about coworking with social distancing and delivers the benefits of such a flexible solution.

With the boom in telecommuting during confinement, will coworking spaces become the new place of choice?

LM : Home working during the lockdown has changed attitudes and mentalities, and this is only the beginning. There will probably be a significant development of telework and clearly coworking spaces have a new role to play. We have all been able to realize the limits of working at home. For example, teleworking on the kitchen table for some people, due to the lack of a dedicated and adapted office. It is also more difficult to reconcile work and private life. Coworking spaces make it possible to recreate social ties, which had been lost even if they lasted virtually, to exchange with people outside the family or friendly circle and, above all, to have a professional working environment with adapted tools at one’s disposal.

How are you managing the takeover at Multiburo?

LM : Our main mission is to ensure that all the necessary measures are put in place so that coworkers can work in complete safety and serenity. We have completely reviewed the layout of our workspaces. For example, in our coworking spaces, one workstation out of 2 is accessible in order to guarantee a distancing of 1.50 between people. We also ask our coworkers to sit at the same place all day long. Before deconfinement, a complete disinfection was carried out in all the Multiburo workspaces (common areas, sanitary facilities, meeting rooms, offices, coworking, …) as well as on the contact points (handles, ramps, switches, …). Cleaning is reinforced daily with labelled disinfectants and the common areas (central café, coworking, meeting rooms, etc.) are ventilated twice a day. And of course, the wearing of a mask is strongly recommended and gel is available in our rooms.

What are the assets of a coworking space in the current context?

LM : Flexibility is one of the most important assets. You can use your Spots of coworking according to your needs and the fluctuations of your activity, without obligation! For 1 hour, a day, a week, a month or by flexible subscription.

It becomes very easy and affordable to have an office close to home or to take advantage of an office when you are on the move. Settling down for a few hours to work in a secure workspace is an ideal alternative. This makes it possible to optimize your working days and limit your travel time, especially at the moment.

Multiburo is a network of flexible workspaces with 26 hyper accessible addresses in France, Belgium and Switzerland. This allows unlimited access to all coworking spots wherever you are.

It’s a great alternative to the home office!

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