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22 Feb 2022

Coworking, the eldorado of slashers

To the question “what do you do for a living?” slashers* answer in the plural! These jack-of-all-trades take their name from the slash on the keyboard (“/” or slash), which symbolizes the addition of skills that they demonstrate. Their whish? To practice several jobs and satisfy their entrepreneurial desire… But to do so, they need an appropriate environment. Flexible, dynamic and inspiring, coworking is very popular with these pros who are disrupting the codes of the labor market.

More activities to give more meaning to your professional life

Webdesigner in the morning / photographer at lunchtime / coach in the afternoon: welcome to the slasher generation! The term appeared with the Internet and is used to describe professionals who, by choice and by taste, combine different jobs. The addition of their activities is symbolised by the slash, which gave its name to this trend. At once painter / engineer / anatomist / philosopher / architect, Leonardo da Vinci led the way. But the digital revolution has multiplied the opportunities… and the health crisis has only accelerated the movement!

Slashing” is a flexible and agile vision of work, based on the multiplication of experiences. In the background: the quest for meaning. True jack-of-all-trades, slashers are estimated to number 2.1 million in France according to the latest INSEE study, but the figure could be greatly underestimated…

As a result of the crisis, more and more are being tempted. Do you want to create your own company? To start a freelance business? Slasher allows to test the market of an activity and to ensure a regular income with another one… For example, an automotive engineer working for a large group can use his creativity and his sense of design to offer his talents as a freelance graphic designer. Or he could provide occasional training and consulting services in computer science. The possibilities are endless! Ultimately, the goal of the slasher is to use his or her know-how in the best possible way. And not only in one well-defined position and a well-defined career path. The goal is to achieve professional fulfillment!

But where to carry out these simultaneous missions?

Flexibility adapted to pluriactivity

In order to slasher in a constructive atmosphere, many slasher opt for coworking. An adapted workspace, with no obligation, à la carte services, the possibility of using different rooms, various equipments, a registered address… This solution meets the needs of these new workers. It is simple: coworking offers the essential flexibility required for the success of their projects, while avoiding the isolation of the entrepreneur who starts teleworking from his living room.

Need quiet and privacy? Private offices provide the necessary concentration. Want to share experiences? The common areas encourage networking with other coworkers.

A place for opportunities

Places of exchange par excellence, coworking spaces welcome a community of professionals engaged int a wide range of activities. They provide a platform for contacts and advice to improve and develop. For slashers, it’s a place to expand your network and sharpen your skills. In short, an environment conducive to networking while offering calm and confidentiality. This is precisely the work environment proposed by Multiburo

In modern and inspiring premises, different configurations are adapted to all activities. The private bubble favors concentration and the shared spaces stimulate collaboration around a common project. As for the workshops, animations and events organized, they create excellent opportunities to build partnerships. Multiburo’s coworking spaces are a real accelerator for the various activities of slashers.

Another advantage is the availability of a pleasant location with quality services to welcome clients or partners under excellent conditions. The slasher can adapt the location of his or her business meetings according to his or her objective. A large office equipped with a screen is preferable for work groups, but an initial contact can be established in a more relaxed, even informal way, around a table in the central café.

Coworking and slasher, the ideal marriage

One of the difficulties encountered by slashers is managing their different tasks and missions. Too much work can sometimes affect motivation. However, the coworking space provides a constructive and inspiring synergy. This is a great way to tap into the general atmosphere of the space to boost productivity. Within the same space, a small community with multiple skills shares the same work philosophy. They find each other and can support each other in the success of their projects.

And in turn, these multi-tasking profiles reinforce everything that makes flexible workspaces so attractive. The slashers bring the added value of their different expertise and embody the synergy of skills that characterizes our coworking spots. Or how to combine a taste for discovery and entrepreneurship with a good dose of communicative passion!

*A slasher is a person who works in more than one profession simultaneously. The term “slasher” comes from the slash symbol, which people are supposed to use to define themselves professionally.

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