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17 Jul 2020

Coworking spaces still have the wind in their sails!

For several months now, teleworking has become the new normal. Many companies have chosen to maintain this policy until the situation improves. Indeed, it is not always easy for companies to welcome their employees to the office with the implementation of the new sanitary measures. Isolation, overflowing of professional life on private life, it is difficult to feel good when you are « forced » to work from home.

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In this context, offering a workspace between home and the office, in a third-place, meets the needs of both workers and companies looking for solutions for a gradual resumption of activity. In Brussels, one of our coworkers, Lucas Chayramy, Regional Manager for a company active in IT and Tech, shares his experience.

The quest for serenity and a professional environment

With lockdown, the home office has become mainstream. How did you experience this situation?

L.C.: « As soon as confinement began, my working hours were reduced. My girlfriend was working full-time and we had to organize ourselves to live and work under the same roof. Everything went very well, we each had our own little routines and arranged our respective work spaces.

After 2 months of home office, I felt the need to change my work environment. I wanted to find a solution to work in a dedicated space and to be able to make phone calls alone. That’s how I turned to Multiburo coworking spaces. With the agreement of my manager, I was able to take advantage of professional workspaces for a few hours a day, depending on my needs. »

Quiet and flexible spaces nearby for greater productivity

What made you choose a coworking space? What was your experience like?

L.C.: « I was looking for an ultra flexible solution to be able to work a few hours a day occasionally. I also wanted to find a space close to my home. Indeed, in this particular context, I wanted to limit my commuting time. So I chose the Multiburo coworking space in Brussels, Avenue Louise. I had heard about it as a coworking space that encourages calm, comfort and confidentiality; and that’s exactly what I was looking for!

Of course, for my employer, as well as for me, it was essential that sanitary measures were respected. The premises are very well located, disinfected every day and everything was set up to respect the rules of social distancing. Furthermore, the teams on site are there to take care of everything and make you feel good. With this new professional environment, I’ve regained both efficiency and motivation! »

Coworking as an alternative to home office

Are you planning to use flexible workspaces in the future?

L.C.: « With lockdown, work organization has evolved for many companies and will continue to do so. Teleworking is now part of the routine in most companies and people are in demand.

Recently, I’ve been able to return to the office safely and securely. But in case of closure or extended home office or if my company allows me to telework occasionally or regularly, I will certainly consider returning to a coworking space, and why not at Multiburo. »

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