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12 Mar 2020

Coworking: 3 criteria for choosing the right space

Whether you are a small business owner, a freelancer or the manager of a project team in a large company, you have probably wondered whether coworking might meet your needs, either permanent or from time to time. To choose the right workspace, some criteria need to be taken into account, like quality of service, calm surroundings and comfort.

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Service quality is key

For some people, a coworking space is simply a place of transit, between two meetings. For others, it is like a second home, in the sense of being an alternative to working from home. Regardless of a person’s work situation, the welcome they receive and the quality of the support services are essential to their working day. A coworker should expect to be listened to by the service team, to receive phone calls, and to have mail and messages dealt with. All these little details make a difference. “The quality of service that people get from the team is crucial. It’s important to feel that people are listening to you,” says Michel, who has been coworking for the past three years. For him, having a professional approach changes everything. “I visited spaces that were supposed to be cool, but they didn’t suit me,” he recalls. “The tone was too laid-back… not professional enough.” The level of service and understanding should meet expectations for coworkers to have a good day at the office!

Shared space, yes, but not too close…

In a shared workspace, it’s important to feel at ease. Knowing that noise levels will be properly managed, for example, is essential for many nomadic workers. Coworking is not necessarily about having a neighbour just a few inches away. “I don’t like being on a long table between two other people and with no possibility of being alone,” says Fabrizio, a coworker and travelling salesman. “When coworkers think they are alone, and then talks loudly on the phone, for example, it’s really annoying.” A carefully designed coworking area also divides up the space according to people’s use and needs throughout the day. It’s a point of view shared by Romain, an entrepreneur who began coworking two years ago. “Having a space dedicated to each moment of the day and/or to each need is really useful. For example, having a coffee area where you can take a break; a coworking space where you can work alone or in small groups; or being able to reserve a room for a meeting; etc.The key is to have different spaces, to work where and how you want to, and to be able to meet, talk and spend time with other professionals. Peace and quiet, along with confidentiality, are essential to everyday work.

Design and comfort: Helping the good vibes!

Feeling good in your workspace is also a question of the atmosphere. The decoration, the layout of the rooms, the quality of the furniture… all these details help people to concentrate on their work. “Before, I was working in a coworking space where everywhere was painted white. I felt like I was in a hospital,” says Romain. “Having modern offices and providing high quality and ergonomically designed spaces is very important on a daily basis.” Futhermore, the coworking space should make people not only to want to work, but also to receive guests. “The surroundings are an essential part of your professional image, especially when you are a start-up and you are inviting people to come and see you. Clearly, conviviality and basic equipment are absolutely vital.

Design, lighting, ergonomics and flexibility of the space are all key elements, but they are not everything. An attractive decor will be no guarantee of customer satisfaction unless it is combined with other criteria, such as the level of service and privacy.

The quality of the space depends on the expectations, experience and profile of the co-worker, despite the existence of a few essentials. “The strength of a company like Multiburo lies in its ability to find a solution for each of its clients’ needs,” explains Laura Mauri, product manager of Coworking Multiburo. “You then add in all the aspects that improve users comfort, such as providing a warmly colored environment, ergonomic seating, a special place for making phone calls and attractive spaces for meetings.

At Multiburo, we value the comfort, quality and diversity of our spaces to ensure they offer peace and quiet, concentration and privacy on the one hand, and more informal areas for people to meet and chat on the other hand. A dedicated team and a Happiness Officer are present every day at all our workspaces to make life easier for our coworkers and to help them develop their business.

To find out more about coworking with Multiburo, it’s just here.

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