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02 Nov 2022

Companies: No more expensive empty offices!

Work patterns are changing. Companies and their employees are looking for more flexibility in the organisation of their work and in the places where they do it. The Covid crisis is forcing companies to rethink their spaces and their relationship with the office. It is a change that has highlighted the benefits of a hybrid organisation, with a mix of teleworking and office work, widely favoured by employees.

Empty offices: significant impacts

The advent of telework has led to new work organisations and a different use of offices. The number of square metres and workstations unoccupied has increased with the implementation of flex office and a mix of office/telework, with an average of 2 to 3 days of telework per week. And empty offices mean financial losses: unsuitable surfaces, rents that are too high in relation to use, unnecessary energy consumption. Today, people don’t come to the office every day, so why not rethink your real estate in a more flexible and sustainable way? Welcome to the era of the flexible office and coworking!

Less space, more savings = new opportunities

What if a more flexible work organisation was an opportunity to reinvent yourself and your spaces? Adapt your m² and your workstations according to your needs in real time. That’s the advantage of flexible real estate! Freely modulate office, coworking, telecommuting and meeting rooms to work where you want, how you want, when you need. You only pay for what you actually use, and you can increase or decrease your usage depending on your activity.

At Multiburo, with 35 years of experience, we innovate and offer ever more flexible solutions. We adapt our workspace offers to meet the new needs of companies and the expectations of their employees.

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It’s easy to combine office and telework!


Do you want to integrate an office/telework mix but don’t know what to do with your unoccupied premises? The Relay Office is the right solution for you. You can use your own office 2 or 3 days a week to work as a team, at the Multiburo address of your choice. And the rest of the time, your teams work from home (in coworking or home office!). Your spaces match your organisation, without any loss. It’s a monthly solution with no commitment that fits perfectly with the operation of an SME or start-up. Come and test it!

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This formula allows you to mix telework and office in the same week with great flexibility and rent savings. Since your teams telework part of the time, Multiburo offers you a single office that serves as a permanent base with a strategic and prestigious address. And one day a week, you can use a large meeting room to meet and work together! A cost-effective offer that can be adjusted over time and is intended to be a strategic place for teams to meet, a place of stability for the company.

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Work remotely, in total freedom!


Do your employees work remotely? Are they regularly on the move? Do they need a quiet and comfortable place to work outside the office? Whatever your organisation, why not opt for an à la carte offer with our prepaid Private Office or Coworking cards? Depending on your choice, you will receive a credit of 12 or 30 days of office or coworking space in your company’s name to use freely throughout the Multiburo network. This solution is particularly suitable for companies that have their own premises, with a classic or flexible lease, and that wish to offer their employees more mobility with the possibility of working occasionally where they need to, without having to finance a subscription per employee.

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When your fully telecommuting teams need to get together!


Are you interested in private coworking to bring your teleworking teams together?

This solution is ideal for teams who work in full remote, and who want to meet occasionally or regularly. You choose the duration and frequency as well as the number of users. We can arrange the space according to your wishes. Does your need change over time? No problem, you can review the number of users and your frequency of use whenever you want. The formula is scalable and can be customised.

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For every flexible organisation, a Multiburo solution!

As you can see, flexibility is our business. We adapt our spaces to your needs. Our teams are here to help you to build the formula adapted to your organisation!

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