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Are you generally happy at work? Have you ever asked yourself this question? We have been talking more and more ...
09.19.2022 | Read more
Why locate your offices in a popular area of Marseille? A dynamic cultural center, the city known as the "Phocaean ...
08.17.2022 | Read more
Economic activity, cultural life, proximity to the ocean, mild winter weather... In less than a decade, Nantes has become one ...
06.28.2022 | Read more
The two years of upheaval linked to the covid crisis have had a strong impact on the notion of well-being ...
04.12.2022 | Read more
Applied to the business world, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) aims to better master one's behavioral patterns and contributes to the quality ...
01.24.2022 | Read more
Every business, from its inception, must have an official legal address for its head office. When time comes to establish ...
01.11.2022 | Read more
While mixing short-time working and teleworking or during lockdown, who has not already wondered about the meaning of their daily ...
11.10.2021 | Read more
Well-being at work, maintaining links and team spirit, collective emulation... In the "next world", many companies are initiating a revolution ...
10.14.2021 | Read more
After a year in which teleworking has become a common practice, Multiburo wanted to listen to employees, managers and freelancers ...
09.24.2021 | Read more
While companies are preparing for a more or less generalized return to the office, this autumn 2021 is marked by ...
09.01.2021 | Read more
After a long period of teleworking, the return to the office marks a turning point in terms of employee commitment ...
08.05.2021 | Read more
Change of scenery to improve quality of life and provide a better work/life balance. The desire to do so is ...
06.10.2021 | Read more

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