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Nowadays, you don't have to come to the office every day... But one thing is sure, the office still has ...
01.13.2021 | Read more
Since the beginning of the year, companies and their CEOs have had to face an unprecedented accumulation of difficulties. In ...
12.03.2020 | Read more
The year 2020 has brought teleworking to the forefront of the professional scene, sometimes in companies that are not used ...
11.27.2020 | Read more
The economic recovery raises many questions about the organization of work. What about business travel? Is it being called into ...
10.01.2020 | Read more
For a long time, hard skills, i.e. business expertise and technical skills, were the only ones considered in the world ...
09.03.2020 | Read more
Being happy at work cannot be decreed, it can be learned! And if this feeling differs from one individual to ...
08.24.2020 | Read more
SMART WORKING: Flexible and safe workspaces! Today, Sun Lim - Head of Private Office Solutions explains his point of view ...
08.13.2020 | Read more
The advantages of a physical office without moving from home! Anaïde Pinto - Head of the Corporate Domiciliation offer at ...
08.05.2020 | Read more
Generally speaking, there is increasing talk of Quality of Work Life (QWL) within companies. A large number of initiatives have ...
07.22.2020 | Read more
Since the beginning of the health crisis, the Multiburo Area Managers, responsible for the 26 spaces in France, Belgium and ...
06.30.2020 | Read more
Now that the economy is recovering, we all need to reconnect with our colleagues, customers, partners and service providers. This ...
06.25.2020 | Read more
Can we still be happy to go to the office? Lockdown has changed the habits but also the expectations of ...
06.08.2020 | Read more

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