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Paris will always be Paris. The French capital has an unrivaled image, attractiveness and economic dynamism that attract many entrepreneurs. ...
06.14.2022 | Read more
Today, companies must find a new balance to perpetuate the office/telework mix and meet the new uses and expectations of ...
06.01.2022 | Read more
Whether it's individual offices, open spaces or flex offices, the old-fashioned, austere and dark office is out. Workspaces are reinventing ...
05.09.2022 | Read more
Originating in the behavioral sciences, the "nudge" logic is gradually becoming established in management practices and is making the news. ...
04.20.2022 | Read more
For almost two years, the professional world has undergone profound changes. While employees, with the resurgence of the pandemic, are ...
01.04.2022 | Read more
In April 2021, the international group PQE, which specialises in consulting and support for engineering projects in the pharmaceutical sector, ...
11.02.2021 | Read more
Commitment, monitoring of activity, individual characteristics of employees... telework has been raising many specific challenges for managers for more than ...
10.11.2021 | Read more
Concierge services, mail management, parcel reception, personalised call handling, reservation management, dry cleaning services... What if everything we needed in ...
08.16.2021 | Read more
After 15 months of mostly remote meetings, digital tools have had their day. Since 1 July, it has once again ...
07.13.2021 | Read more
Has widespread teleworking brought peace and quiet? Opinions are divided, as not all of us have been equal in terms ...
07.12.2021 | Read more
Bartle, a consulting firm specialising in organisational transformation, has decided to expand in Belgium by creating a subsidiary in 2020. ...
06.17.2021 | Read more
What are the challenges and problems facing companies in Switzerland and around the world in this period of recovery? What ...
05.19.2021 | Read more

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