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In recent months, the idea of a system allowing employees to access third-party workplaces has been gaining ground. Although its ...
09.27.2021 | Read more
Today, almost all professionals have heard of coworking. But not everyone has the same image of it, or the right ...
05.27.2021 | Read more
Between teleworking and the need to save money, how do you find the ideal office in 2021? Could the key ...
04.29.2021 | Read more
From multinationals with thousands of employees to VSEs, the term "company" covers very different realities. However, when it comes to ...
04.07.2021 | Read more
All specialists agree on this point: it is only in the coming months that our country's businesses will be hit ...
03.23.2021 | Read more
Are you looking for your new offices in Lille? Do you want to set up in the Lille region or ...
02.10.2021 | Read more
Capital of Europe, Brussels attracts many European and international workers and companies. Central and strategic position, openness and dynamic market ...
01.27.2021 | Read more
2020 is finally coming to an end! This tumultuous year has shaken up the working habits of organisations and set ...
12.15.2020 | Read more
The crisis we have gone through has definitely changed workers' habits and physical activity has become virtual. In recent months, ...
08.19.2020 | Read more
For several months now, teleworking has become the new normal. Many companies have chosen to maintain this policy until the ...
07.17.2020 | Read more
For several weeks now, many professionals have been uncertain about the conditions for returning to work. For all of them, ...
06.03.2020 | Read more
The current situation is both exceptional and complex, and highlights the need for companies to be flexible in a society ...
04.27.2020 | Read more

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