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You want to start your own business but you don't know where to start? The good news is that the ...
12.07.2022 | Read more
Faced with the strong questions raised by climate change and the energy crisis, coworking could well be an appropriate response. ...
11.14.2022 | Read more
Work patterns are changing. Companies and their employees are looking for more flexibility in the organisation of their work and ...
11.02.2022 | Read more
Startup, self-employed, freelance... You are looking for a place to set up your business? Are you hesitating between a flexible ...
10.24.2022 | Read more
Overwhelmed agendas, permanent urgency management, last-minute priorities that keep piling up, stress in the face of incompatible deadlines, etc. Knowing ...
10.08.2022 | Read more
You want to telework without necessarily staying at home? Freelancers, entrepreneurs, teleworking employees: coworking is for you!
09.08.2022 | Read more
How to create a professional network when starting a business ? When you decide to start your own business, creating ...
08.29.2022 | Read more
More and more companies are considering a 100% telework organization. For employees, this is a major step forward, as they ...
07.25.2022 | Read more
Are you thinking of setting up your offices in Lyon? Well, it's a great idea! The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, made up ...
07.20.2022 | Read more
When you start as an auto-entrepreneur, you have to register your micro-enterprise. This is the administrative address of your structure. ...
06.23.2022 | Read more
Paris will always be Paris. The French capital has an unrivaled image, attractiveness and economic dynamism that attract many entrepreneurs. ...
06.14.2022 | Read more
Do you want to develop your business in the South of France and enjoy the sun and the good life? ...
05.17.2022 | Read more

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