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19 Aug 2020

Business Resumption: When the Office Goes Virtual

The crisis we have gone through has definitely changed workers’ habits and physical activity has become virtual. In recent months, many have realized that it is not necessary to go to the office every day. And, in the wake of the deconfinement, we are still living in this “new normal”. The only certainty we have is that teleworking will remain.

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As a result, many companies have chosen to give up their traditional lease in favour of a domiciliation solution or, as we call it, the virtual office. The Multiburo commercial addresses are a real flagship, but they also offer a professional framework for working occasionally. In Brussels, Mr. Carré, one of our registered client active in language stays abroad, answers our questions.

Telecommuting is becoming the norm

You recently registered your company at Multiburo. Why and in what context?

P.C.: « My main activity is the organisation of language study stays and the accompaniment of students wishing to study abroad. My company, like the whole travel sector, has been rapidly and strongly impacted by the global health crisis. Between the closure of borders, schools and the freezing of visa issuance, my activities were put on hold. I had to react very quickly!

So I decided to break the lease on my offices and got back in touch with Multiburo. Indeed, a few years ago, I was already a client of the coworking space on Avenue Louise. I also rented private offices or meeting space occasionally. I had the choice between different structures but, for me, the human factor is very important. My previous experience had left me with very good memories and the reaction of the teams was quick and friendly. »

The virtual office: a practical and economical choice

What were your expectations when you moved your company to Multiburo?

P.C.: « In these uncertain times, I especially needed a structure where I could keep my independence and the possibility of evolving. When I moved my company to Multiburo, I chose a nice, easily accessible address. I knew that the centre on Avenue Louise had recently moved to brand new premises. So I was returning to a familiar environment.

Looking back on my 3 years of a classic lease, I realized all those little things that the team manages for me. From office equipment to the day-to-day management of the administration (mail, procurations, registered mail), Multiburo brings me all the services I expected during this standby period. All of which is done with professionalism and confidentiality!

Moreover, the crisis made me realise that I no longer needed my own office. And an environment like this offers THE solution to small and medium sized businesses for maximum flexibility. In addition to services, the human aspect is very important. After the weeks of isolation, I have access to a work environment where I can find social contact and see my clients again.»

A professional environment and exclusive advantages

P.C.: « I hope to be able to meet my partners and clients again in September and organise safe face-to-face meetings. The advantage with Multiburo is that I can easily and quickly book an office for half a day or more. I also have access to safe meeting spaces to organize events or presentations in front of a larger audience.

Given the context and the crisis affecting the sector, I had to react quickly and I have absolutely no regrets about my choice. I know that I am in a promising environment, which is reassuring for me. Thanks to the team’s support, I have a range of solutions to restart my business and make it evolve, if the situation allows. »

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