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29 Mar 2023

5 ways to stop procrastinating

“I’ll get to it tomorrow!” – The quintessential procrastinator’s phrase. On Saturday, March 25, procrastinators …

“I’ll get to it tomorrow!” – The quintessential procrastinator’s phrase. On Saturday, March 25, procrastinators will be able to put things off the right way, during World Procrastination Day. But what if it was time to change your habits the next day? Multiburo helps you fight procrastination.

Administrative paperwork, a file to hand in or an e-mail to send… It is sometimes tempting to put off all non-urgent tasks. However, the feeling of relief is short-lived when all the deadlines come at the same time. The lull is then quickly replaced by stress and urgency, which are not necessarily ideal conditions to work well.

Want to fight procrastination? Coworking helps you escape all the distractions, which are even more numerous when telecommuting. To help you, try the Multiburo offers! In a more professional work environment, you will have better conditions to carry out your activities. Coworking spaces, a strong ally in the fight against procrastination!

Fighting procrastination: our advice

Here are 5 recommendations to help you avoid succumbing to procrastination at the office.

  1. Before starting your activities, get yourself in condition. Some tasks may require isolation, special concentration or the right frame of mind: give yourself a few moments to prepare.
  2. Then, avoid getting demotivated by inspecting all the tasks on your to-do list: break down the assignments one by one. This will make it easier for you to understand how much work you have to do.
  3. Another tip: when listing your tasks, start with the most difficult ones to get rid of them once and for all.
  4. Set deadlines for yourself: the temptation to push back deadlines will be met by self-imposed deadlines and your work will be done on time. Be careful not to be too demanding on yourself and give yourself realistic and achievable limits, at the risk of discouraging yourself… and procrastinating!
  5. Stop the distraction! The vibration of a message or the arrival of an email in your inbox quickly pulls you out of your work. Depending on your concentration needs, turn off your phone for an hour or more to move forward without being disturbed.

There is no need to work continuously

Taking breaks, a real benefit for productivity! If you don’t take short breaks during the day, you run the risk of becoming saturated and losing concentration. That’s why it is recommended to take 5-minute breaks every hour or so. Time to move and change position to improve your blood circulation and stimulate your mind! And when the work day is over, it is important to stop thinking and discussing “work”, even if there are still files to be dealt with. It’s better to save your energy for the next day! Easier said than done? Sports or associative activities, for example, can help you relax.

Tips for better concentration

Here are 3 practical tips to improve your concentration:

  1. Work in a quiet place: if possible, finding a quiet space, far from noise and distractions will allow you to concentrate better.
  2. Avoid multitasking: if you want to do too many things at the same time, the risk is to spread yourself too thin and neglect your tasks. To preserve your efficiency, one key word: prioritize!
  3. Take care of your health: a healthy mind in a healthy body! To avoid stress and loss of concentration, an 8-hour night’s sleep is recommended. And sport remains your ally to considerably reduce your stress level.

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