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29 Apr 2021

5 questions to… Stéphanie Auxenfans, Managing Director of Multiburo

One year after the start of the health crisis, Multiburo gives the word to the experts by sharing their vision through 5 questions they are eager to answer. We begin this series with an interview with Stéphanie Auxenfans, Managing Director of Multiburo, who shares her views on the impact of the health crisis and the disruption of working habits.

How did the coronavirus epidemic impact working habits?

For a year now, employees have been working from home, as required by the anti-coronavirus measures. At the beginning, it was enforced, but now some of them are coming back to the office. This is a big change, even if telecommuting was already implemented. We can talk about a mini-revolution. Indeed teleworking challenges managers on how to manage teams from a distance: how to keep motivation, to continue building and moving forward with projects in progress without being together… Although it has been proven that teleworking brings balance and productivity, it is also a factor of isolation and loneliness. And sometimes even of more exhaustion.

How does Multiburo keep up with changes in the workplace environment and work habits?

We have a multi-product offer! In a few words, we provide 4 main products: private offices in every possible configuration (openspace, open plan, individual offices, etc.), coworking spaces in our Spots, which all have private bubbles for calls or meetings with several people, meeting rooms, and finally, domiciliation with many services. Today, companies are looking for greater flexibility in the management of their workspaces, both in terms of space and time. For example, having an office only one day a week to meet while telecommuting. This is impossible with a classic lease. Besides, we can build the best formula for our customers with all our offers. In addition, the commitment for the customer is very light: between one month and 3 months! This makes it easy to change your mind and your organisation.

Ultimately, how do you see the office of tomorrow?

The office will be a la carte and based on the use I need to make of it. Leading a meeting, conducting a confidential interview, concentrating on figures, gathering my sales staff… On the same day, you experience different moments and uses of the space at work. So you need offices that are designed with different functions (meeting, coffee, small office…) and that are fully adapted. Indeed, people want to mix office with telecommuting and not to have any obligation. They want to do what they want when they come to worki in the office. To sum it up, organisations are becoming more flexible, and the same goes for offices.

In this whirlwind, what is your advice to entrepreneurs to manage their real estate and optimise their expenses?

First, you have to look at the speed of your growth and development, and your medium-term objectives. Taking care of your own premises is time consuming. Changing them is complicated. If the entrepreneur is in a peak of activity due to his development, or a contrario in difficulties, taking care of real estate matters is quite frankly not a priority. Coordinating all the service providers, dealing with building issues, ordering furniture for new recruits, checking security, instead of focusing on your business? By choosing a coworking and flexible office operator such as Multiburo, you save precious time and money.

The professional real estate sector was already changing before the coronavirus health crisis, and this has only accelerated the evolution of working methods. Therefore, Multiburo is always adapting and combining according to the needs of its clients. In fact, a wide range of private offices and coworking spaces are available to complement telecommuting. And it is also possible to book meeting rooms to bring a team together physically from time to time, when necessary. With more than 20 Multiburo locations in France, Belgium and Switzerland, you can work à la carte, whenever you want, wherever you need to.

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