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08 Sep 2022

5 good reasons to start coworking

You want to telework without necessarily staying at home? Freelancers, entrepreneurs, teleworking employees: coworking is for you!

What if you started Coworking? Since its appearance in the early 2000s, the concept is gaining more and more followers among independent workers. At the end of 2021, there were more than 2,800 coworking spaces* throughout France, an increase of 60% in 2 years!  And if coworking is so successful, it is above all for the many advantages it offers. Real places of work and meetings, shared offices are a considerable asset to perpetuate your business. Here are 5 good reasons to start coworking this fall!

1)  Start coworking : a way to be more productive

Between the possible feeling of loneliness and the difficulties of concentration, the house is not always the ideal place to work efficiently. You can always go to a café to break the isolation. But then again, distractions and hubbub are not the best allies for productivity.

Conversely, opting for a coworking space will put you in condition to gain in performance. Are you looking for interaction and synergy with other professionals? An open-space solution will meet your needs. You need to isolate yourself for a particular project or for an interview? You can also rent a private office. Within the same coworking space, it is possible to combine the 2 solutions for maximum flexibility and productivity!

2)  Develop your network

Working in shared offices is an opportunity to meet other professionals, either in one’s core business or oriented towards other horizons. It is an opportunity to enrich one’s network and even to identify new stakeholders: customers, suppliers, collaborators, partners… Beneficial to the company and to entrepreneurs, coworking spaces boost networks and develop opportunities. Professional events can also be organized there: an excellent way to present your activity to as many people as possible!

3)  Stimulate your creativity

Talk about your ideas, your different projects, your vision of your job… In a coworking space, meetings and exchanges encourage creativity. This is an inspiration for your current or future projects. It’s also a way to confront your ideas to an external viewpoint, to take a step back and be enriched by the remarks made. Shared offices can thus take the form of spaces for exchanging skills and building together, particularly stimulating on a professional and personal level. It is a way to grow one’s thinking, but also to share one’s difficulties or doubts, to move forward thanks to the experience of one’s coworking neighbors.

4)  Start coworking : a place to receiving clients and partners

Being in coworking does not necessarily mean working in an open space. You also have the possibility to rent a private office, on a one-time or permanent basis. You can thus receive your stakeholders in a comfortable and constructive environment, whenever you need it! Likewise, you can easily welcome your clients, prospects or partners for meetings in complete confidentiality. Another possibility: rent a dedicated space to organize your meetings, project presentations or events. Or how to make coworking an ally to make your business prosper!

5)  Benefit from services

Coworking spaces provide many practical and economical services. Beyond the various offices, rooms and open spaces, you can take advantage of additional services:

  • high speed fiber optic internet connection;
  • furnished offices ;
  • office equipment (printers, scanners, photocopiers, etc.) ;
  • snacking ;
  • administrative assistance ;
  • company domiciliation ;
  • etc.

And the cherry on top !

At Multiburo, Coworking offers a stimulating design environment with several work environments: private bubbles to focus, make a call or have a quick meeting, multi-bench spaces to collaborate, solo spaces to work in peace, and the Central Café to exchange and network.

On site, your Happiness Officer is there to guarantee your well-being, to put you in touch with other coworkers and to organize animations, events and conferences.

Multiburo offers you a wide range of services to increase your efficiency and make your business last, whatever your professional profile.  A la carte or without commitment, for an hour, a day or a month, the customer is free to choose the solution that suits him. You will benefit from all the advantages of coworking and have complete control over your budget. So, to start the new school year off right, come to Multiburo!

*Le boom du coworking se confirme partout en France – Le Parisien

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