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03 Mar 2020

4 good reasons to choose coworking as an entrepreneur

Today, coworking spaces are being created everywhere around the world.
A real revolution in the way we work, these new types of spaces offer alternatives to traditional offices that are particularly suited to the needs of 21st century entrepreneurs.


And there’s something for everyone! Cafés, hotels, bars, dedicated spaces, business centres, large companies, in large cities or in third places, all offer innovative, design and flexible solutions to accompany the mobility and the search for social interaction of the new generations.

Laura Mauri, Coworking Manager at Multiburo, gives us the 4 major advantages of coworking spaces for business creators.

1. Opt for an economical and non-binding solution

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have worked, or will most likely work from home. This is economical and practical, at least in the beginning… But in order to develop your business, staying isolated is not necessarily a good solution. This is where the interest of coworking spaces lies as a real alternative to teleworking.

With no-binding subscription and call prices, it becomes very easy and inexpensive to have an office close to home or to enjoy an office while on the move. One of the strengths is the power of the networked workspaces that allow unlimited access to all coworking spots wherever you are.

By 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or more, entrepreneurs can use these coworking spaces according their habits with flexible formulas, adapted to their needs and to the fluctuations of their activity.

2. Work wherever you want, whenever you want!

On demand or on subscription, you use the coworking spots as you wish.

Working in a coworking space two days a week to socialize, 1 hour or half a day before going back to your train, full time to make it your permanent office or occasionally over the month … To each need its coworking solution.

One of the major assets of a coworking spaces is its accessibility and location. Close to home, in the city centre, in a business district, near public transport or a railway station, coworkers today have a wide choice to optimise their working day and reduce their travel time.

Coworking is developing in particular in train stations to offer more and more services to nomadic workers.

3. Take advantage of modern and design workspace that promote the dynamics of work.

Today, the design of workspaces is thought above all for the comfort of users, to provide them with a unique work experience and to boost collaboration and creativity. Coworking spaces are no exception to the rule and are even proving to be the spearheads of innovation, services and design.

Several working atmospheres are proposed and areas of conviviality, exchanges, games, animation or events are arranged to allow coworkers to work while having fun and exchanging with other professionals.

The wealth of facilities now allows an entrepreneur to feel a little at home, even if he is at work.

4. Break out of professional isolation and meet other entrepreneurs

These areas of conviviality and exchange are intended to make entrepreneurs interact with each other to make them collaborate, this is what we call networking today; or how to do business with the company that works next door or belongs to the same network. Coworking spaces constitute a real breeding ground for all kinds of skills and promote the linking of these entrepreneurs with each other via platforms or communities. You can thus easily find the graphic designer you were missing, a chartered accountant, a developer or a strategic consultant for example.

These entrepreneurs and company managers intervene and meet through clubs, conferences or events dedicated to networking. They also have the opportunity to directly highlight their expertise and skills by leading conferences, round tables or workshops for other coworkers and/or an external audience within the coworking spaces.

“At Multiburo, we are committed to pampering our coworkers. Our spaces are ideally located and designed for the comfort of living and working. “explains Laura. “Every month, events are organised in the 26 Multiburo coworking spots in France, Belgium and Switzerland and we are proud to bring together several hundred coworkers on a daily basis.”

Multiburo’s DNA also resides in the attention paid to its clients and the quality of the services that are delivered on site. A la carte or in a no-obligation formula, for an hour, a day or a month, the customer is free to choose the solution that suits him!

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