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07 Apr 2021

4 checklists to help you choose your ideal workspace

From multinationals with thousands of employees to VSEs, the term “company” covers very different realities. However, when it comes to choosing a workspace, there are four types of solution, regardless of the type of business. Depending on your ambitions, organisational constraints, and other work habits, Multiburo helps you make the best choice.

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3-6-9 lease: the long-term solution

As the name suggests, a commercial lease typically allows the tenant to terminate the lease every 3, 6 or 9 years – subject to a notice period, usually of 6 months. This type of solution is traditionally favoured by companies whose activity and needs are relatively stable. For large groups and multinationals, having a head office also has a significant image impact: a flagship role that consolidates their size and ambitions in the eyes of the outside world as well as the employees themselves.

An important point: this solution can be combined with others. It is even a strong trend: the company then has a flagship (offices rented in 3-6-9), supplemented by various coworking spaces, third places that can be adapted according to the activity and the projects.  

The 3-6-9 lease is for you if…

You are looking for a stable, long-term solution.

Your company has at least 100 employees.

You want to implement a facility management strategy (the taking over of your general services by an external company).

Your company wants to have a flagship to reflect its corporate culture.

You have decided to invest in a smart building.

You would like to have your own social or coworking spaces.

Flexible offices: the freedom solution

Increasingly, flexible workspaces are becoming the alternative of choice for all companies, from start-ups to multinationals. With no minimum term, this alternative to the classic lease meets the needs of entrepreneurs looking for more flexible models. Here, the key word is no longer long-term commitment, but freedom and agility. The key is the possibility of mixing office and telework without time or space constraints. The solution also offers the possibility of reducing expenses and optimising available space. And both are priorities for many VSEs and SMEs.

Flexible offices are for you if…

Your company must react very quickly to its office space because it is growing.

Your company’s activity or staff fluctuates over time.

You want to set up mixed work organisations: both face-to-face and remote work or offer your employees solutions to work while being mobile.

You want to offload the management of the building, the charges as well as the maintenance.

You work regularly in project mode, with teams mobilised for specific periods of time, and of very variable size.

Flexibility is at the heart of your business project: you want to favour a modular and scalable solution, with no commitment or minimum commitment period.

Coworking and third places: the local solution

A strong trend, perfectly adapted to new technological uses, coworking spaces are characterised by their flexibility. Whether self-employed or employed, everyone can take advantage of ergonomic and qualitative professional spaces: perfect Wifi connection, recent materials and equipment, private bubbles for isolation, etc. In addition, for occasional or recurrent use, these new spaces greatly facilitate exchanges between professionals. Another important advantage of this solution compared to the traditional lease: its price.

Coworking spaces are for you if…

Self-employed or business creator, you wish to network, develop collaboration with other entrepreneurs and partners.

You want to spend a limited budget on your business premises.

If you are far from your business premises, you would like to find a local alternative to save precious time.

You and your partners want to have a space for a limited period of time in which to develop a project.

Although you have a fixed office, you are looking for an alternative to work occasionally when you are on the move.

You are used to working from home and want to break your routine (and see people!).

Domiciliation & virtual office: a must for start-ups!

Domiciliating your company is also an alternative to renting professional offices in the strict sense. It is a particularly suitable solution for company directors and founders. They often work from home or in another city and want to benefit from support services and a good address.

Domiciliation is for you if…

You are an entrepreneur or freelancer working from home. But you need a prestigious or strategic address for your business.

Your company has ambitions to operate in a new city, region or country, but does not need an office.

You wish to have the possibility, at will, to take advantage of an office or a meeting space.

You wish to benefit from all the services of a virtual office: telephone permanence, personalised management of calls and message transfers, management of mail, packages and registered mail, reception of visitors, etc.

These checklists are given as an indication, to help you position yourself and orient you towards the solution best adapted to your needs and your organisation.

Towards hybrid ways of working that combine all these solutions…

For some years now, and even more so since 2020 with the advent of teleworking, companies of all sizes have been looking to mix real estate solutions to offer more flexibility to their employees, to expand more easily into new regions and countries and to optimise their expenditure by rethinking their real estate strategy and the management of their sqm.

They keep their flagship through traditional leases or flexible office space and offer their employees coworking spaces to allow them to mix office and telework. Domiciliation is also an increasingly popular alternative for opening a commercial office or having an address in a commercial area in which the company is seeking to establish itself.

So, whatever your needs, find the ideal workspace or opt for hybrid working by mixing real estate solutions!

Flexible and no-bidinf contracts

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