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24 Aug 2020

10 tips to (tele)work happily

Being happy at work cannot be decreed, it can be learned! And if this feeling differs from one individual to another, from one situation to another, there are however tips and good practices to feel good, avoid being overwhelmed and allow you to blossom at the office as well as at home.

Emmanuelle Ferla, co-founder of Just For Good and facilitator of wellness workshops during Multiburo’s Smile@Work Week, shares her tips and tricks with you to be happy at work.

Let’s find out the 10 tips to (tele)work happily

1) Eating smart and healthy to be productive

What you eat has an impact, and not just on the scale. “We often forget the effects of food on mental and physical drive, concentration and even mood. But there are simple tricks to limit fatigue, irritation and difficulty thinking,” says Emmanuelle Ferla. It starts with breakfast. For her followers, “avoid eating too much sugar. An egg and wholemeal bread is very good. Chunky fruit, homemade granola and vegetable milk are also good. And because it’s less digestible and therefore conducive to feelings of heaviness, café au lait is not recommended,” continues the expert on quality of life at work.

2) Breathe, it’s the key to staying focused and taking a step back…

In the office or at home, poor stress management can quickly affect mood, motivation and sleep. “It is important to set up decompression chambers. In particular, everyone can practice cardiac coherence. The principle is simple: three times a day (in the morning, at noon and at 4 p.m.), take 6 breaths per minute for 5 minutes. These 15 minutes a day will allow you to regulate your nervous system and to be able to better manage stress phases”, explains Emmanuelle Ferla.

3) Organize your workspace

The frame is also a central criteria. A pleasant, well-equipped environment and a comfortable office make you want to work more than a cold, untidy space. “Even when you live in a small space, you don’t have to work on a corner table,” says Emmanuelle Ferla. “Putting your chosen work surface in order is necessary to create a welcoming space.”

4) Rhythm your working days

To stay dynamic, avoid boredom or overflow: “I recommend starting the working day or week by listing the tasks to be accomplished and prioritizing them,” says the co-founder of Just For Good. “Especially when you’re teleworking, because you can quickly feel disconcerted alone at your desk.” The idea is also to set the pace of your day. By giving priority to tasks that require reflection and concentration in the morning and project follow-up in the afternoon, for example. “You should also allow time for emergencies, one to two hours a day.”

5) Adopt a positive posture

Many employees lack self-confidence. Because they have failed, because they are shy, because they find it difficult to make sense of their work… There are many reasons for this. The reasons are many. To change the situation, “you can first of all act on your physical posture,” advises Emmanuelle Ferla. “If you raise your head, you straighten up on your seat, walk with a sure step, you’ll look more resolute. Your posture will give confidence to others and will also strengthen your confidence. Moreover, you should know how to capitalize on your successes and skills rather than stop at your mistakes or shortcomings. This will also help to make sense of what you do. ».

6) Share, verbalize, encourage

We are social beings. Therefore, we need to interact with those around us. This is even more true at work when a project has to be carried out, for example. “And when we telework, communication is necessary to combat isolation. I therefore feel it is necessary to have regular meetings with one’s manager or colleagues, to share progress on a project, but also to ask for help or express a problem,” emphasizes Emmanuelle Ferla. “Expressing yourself will allow you to verbalize a difficulty, for example, and thus make it easier to take a step back.”

7) Meditate and learn to let go

But of course, you also have to know how to let go. You can’t control everything. “Just because you can’t do a task doesn’t mean you’re incompetent. And daily sessions of meditation have real virtues to take a step back,” says Emmanuelle Ferla. “They can take many forms. You can meditate on ideas, or put on quiet music, settle down comfortably, let your thoughts flow without stopping and refocus on your breathing.”

8) Let off steam

“Exercise is a great stress reliever. Cardio sports in particular,” recalls Emmanuelle Ferla. “For those who don’t like intense activities, practicing yoga or Pilates is also very beneficial. Or you can simply go for a walk in nature.” This can stimulate the immune system, burn a few calories, regulate emotions and even regenerate cognitive abilities. 

9) Don’t forget your social life

Being happy at work also requires having a full life outside of work. “When you work in an office, it’s easier to leave it at the end of the day, at 6 or 7 p.m. because you want to get home and you have a half-hour commute, for example. But at home, it’s often harder to end your working day,” says the co-founder of Just for Good. “So I recommend that you set an end time at the beginning of the day and stick to it no matter what happens. Then go out to see friends, have dinner with family or go to the movies.”

10) Log out and make an appointment with yourself

Our laptops and especially our smartphones tend to follow us everywhere, blurring the line between professional and private life. Happiness comes from enjoying every moment. And when the pro emails invite themselves to an aperitif on the terrace, it’s hard to enjoy the moment 100%. “The best thing is to succeed in physically putting your computer or smartphone aside,” advises Emmanuelle Ferla. “In the end, the most important thing is to make regular appointments with yourself.”

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