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03 Apr 2020

10 commandments to stay healthy while working from home

Lockdown is a difficult time for everyone, and can affect the morale of people working from home. Here are our 10 commandments for becoming your very own Happiness Officer and for making lockdown a little more bearable!

10 commandments, stay healthy, happiness officer, lockdown

1) You will talk to your teams

Lockdown doesn’t mean total isolation. Don’t hesitate to arrange daily coffee-talk sessions with your team, using videoconferencing. They’re good for bringing the social side of your colleagues and the usual office banter into your home.

2) In the morning, you will organise your day

Working remotely means doing things differently an getting organised to remain efficient. Give your working day some structure by planning your ‘to do’ list and organise the day with your colleagues. For example, tell them when you don’t want to be disturbed (by filling your diary and turning off your phone at those times).

3) You will create routines

Why not start the day with a session of meditation, sport or yoga, and then at lunchtime, set aside time to eat? And yes, working from home is an ideal time to prepare simple meals, either alone or with the family. And don’t forget to take regular breaks. They are a chance to refresh your mind.

4) You will start taking regular exercise

Lockdown reduces travel and sports opportunities. But it’s not a reason to do nothing at all! Choose one or more times in the week to exercise (either alone or with friends/colleagues online). Being at home, you will of course be able to have a shower after all your efforts!

Our tip (for those allergic to exercise): make your phone calls standing up! It will enable you to move around, and to get away from wherever you are working.

5) You will get your proper amount of sleep

A healthy lifestyle also means having the right amount of sleep (between six and eight hours). Resting, and a full night’s sleep will help you to keep your spirits up and to stay healthy during lockdown.

6) You will set aside time for leisure activities

If your home is your new office, do not sacrifice ‘me-time.’ Whether it’s reading a book, visiting a virtual museum online, or doing yoga, set aside time for yourself. You can also use this downtime for getting in touch with friends and loved ones.

7) You will support the caregivers

Not everyone can work from home. Right now, the caring professions are in the frontline, protecting us. Every evening at 8.00pm, we applaud them from our windows. It’s a great moment of conviviality and national solidarity. Taking part is all about encouraging others and sharing a moment of kindness with your neighbours!

8) You will wear comfortable clothes

Working remotely doesn’t mean working in your pyjamas. It’s important to choose clothes that make you feel at ease. They might be elegant (at least for the videoconferences, where everyone can see you) or they could be casualwear. The important thing is for you to feel comfortable.

9) You will choose your own working hours

Working from home means working in a very different setting than the usual office. It involves changes in the rhythm of work (especially if there are more than one of you at home!). While there’s no time spent commuting, other people who live with you create constraints (such as the need to home-school any children). As a result, allow yourself some flexibility in your working hours and how the day is divided up.

10) You will have a moment for a laugh

Don’t deny yourself a little enjoyment from the unexpected. Try to create a nice atmosphere, appreciate your colleagues’ positive vibe and enjoy the company of those you live with. They are the essentials of your daily life and a source of comfort.

These 10 commandments will keep your spirits up during lockdown, no doubt about it. And the good news is: you can always apply these tips when it’s all over!

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