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All the studies come to the same conclusion: the level of stress among managers and employees is increasing. A worrying ...
10.06.2020 | Read more
After a spring under bell because of Covid, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs are looking to restart their activity. In this ...
09.24.2020 | Read more
Being happy at work cannot be decreed, it can be learned! And if this feeling differs from one individual to ...
08.24.2020 | Read more

That’s handy

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Are you looking for your new offices in Lille? Do you want to set up in the Lille region or ...
02.10.2021 | Read more
Capital of Europe, Brussels attracts many European and international workers and companies. Central and strategic position, openness and dynamic market ...
01.27.2021 | Read more
2020 is finally coming to an end! This tumultuous year has shaken up the working habits of organisations and set ...
12.15.2020 | Read more

Words from pros

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There was a before, there will be an after. 2020 has shaken up the organisation of work, which today tends ...
02.22.2021 | Read more
Nowadays, you don't have to come to the office every day... But one thing is sure, the office still has ...
01.13.2021 | Read more
Since the beginning of the year, companies and their CEOs have had to face an unprecedented accumulation of difficulties. In ...
12.03.2020 | Read more

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