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The notion of well-being at work has been completely turned upside down since 2020: the places where work is carried ...
05.04.2021 | Read more
All the studies come to the same conclusion: the level of stress among managers and employees is increasing. A worrying ...
10.06.2020 | Read more
After a spring under bell because of Covid, independent entrepreneurs and SMEs are looking to restart their activity. In this ...
09.24.2020 | Read more

That’s handy

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Between teleworking and the need to save money, how do you find the ideal office in 2021? Could the key ...
04.29.2021 | Read more
From multinationals with thousands of employees to VSEs, the term "company" covers very different realities. However, when it comes to ...
04.07.2021 | Read more
All specialists agree on this point: it is only in the coming months that our country's businesses will be hit ...
03.23.2021 | Read more

Words from pros

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One year after the start of the health crisis, Multiburo gives the word to the experts by sharing their vision ...
04.29.2021 | Read more
The development of telework has changed the way people think about their workspace and their interactions with the company. How ...
03.18.2021 | Read more
There was a before, there will be an after. 2020 has shaken up the organisation of work, which today tends ...
02.22.2021 | Read more

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